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5 Reasons to Have an Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is almost a guarantee in just about any new construction or remodel. In the 90’s partition walls were very popular but in recent years designers have completely gone away with this concept. With so many different trends going on, it may be hard to decide which way to go during your remodel or renovation. Before you kick off your project, here are 5 reasons to have an open floor plan.

Makes Your Home Feel Bigger

Without interior walls to separate your rooms, an open floor plan makes your home feel larger and less crowded. If you enjoy hosting parties or get-togethers, it makes it easier for guests to mingle and walk from room to room.

Helps Expand Your Rooms

With fewer walls, you’re able to extend certain aspects of different rooms. Remember that kitchen island you’ve always dreamed of? Make that dream a reality once the walls come down, and even go as far as increasing the size you initially wanted because of the extra space you’ve created.

More Light

With less barriers up, lighting easily extends from room to room. When opening your floor plan, more natural sunlight will be available through shared windows. A great way to continue the lighting flow is to install recessed lighting. When installed correctly, these lights will cover the entire room.

Flexible Use of Space

It’s much easier to adjust the layout of a room with an open space. Since you won’t have many walls up, re-configuring the placement of furniture and decorations will be a breeze. You’ll have more flexibility for how to use your space and an easier time changing it.

Connect to Outdoor Space

One of our favorite reasons to go with an open space is the connection it brings with the outdoors. The ability to transition your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces is easily accomplished with an open space.


When renovating or remodeling your home, sometimes less is more. An open floor plan is inviting and promotes shared spaces. If you’re thinking about transitioning your home to an open floor plan, contact us about how we can help. With over fifteen years in business, our team is here to help you with all your construction needs. Keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook to see our latest projects!

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