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Best Roof Types for South Florida Homes

As a hot spot for hurricanes and storms, if you are a homeowner in South Florida, you will probably have to redo your roof at some point. You may be curious about which types of roofing materials will best withstand the heat and weather, because as you’ll learn, not all roofs are created equally. We’ve listed the three best roof types for South Florida homes so you can come with a better conclusion which one is right for you. Contact us today for more information or if you have any other construction related questions.


Clay Tile

Arguably the most popular roofing option in South Florida, clay tile can stand the heat and crazy weather. While this roofing solution may need more cleaning from time to time, they don’t need much maintenance and are resistant to rot, insects and other pests. The most common shape of this tile includes flat, fluted and interlocking tiles that can be transformed into a variety of designs. One of the best reasons to go with clay tiles? They have a long lifespan, especially compared to traditional asphalt shingles. You can expect clay tiles to last you up to 100 years!


The most durable and almost maintenance free, metal roofs have become increasingly popular in South Florida in the last several years. The metal reflects the sunlight, therefore keeping heat away. This helps keep the home cooler and assists your air conditioning to not work as much. Our favorite part about metal roofing? They are able to be designed to look like other popular roof options like shingles, wood shakes and clay tiles.

Concrete Tile

Similar to metal roofing, concrete tiles give you the flexibility to simulate the look of other types of roofing. Low maintenance and very durable, concrete tiles are resistant to rot, insects and mold. Another plus by choosing concrete tiles is that it is much lighter than clay tiles while providing the same appearance. You can count on concrete tiles to withstand extreme heat.

If you’re considering installing a new roof for your home, it’s a good idea to know what options are available. Deciding which roof types for your South Florida home may be tricky because of the variety of options. Always consider the maintenance, durability and style that best fits your aesthetic taste. Whether you’d like more information on the process of replacing a roof or if you need assistance in choosing which one is right for your home, we’re here to help! Make sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook to keep up with us!

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