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Three Home Updates That Pay Off

One of the most common reasons people shy away from home updates is that there’s a lot of work involved. Something to consider on your journey is finding the right general contractor you trust that will personalize your needs. As a family-owned business for over 15 years, we empower homeowners with transparency and bringing quality craftsmanship to every project. Contact us today and let us collaborate on your next home project!

Now to the fun part: deciding which improvement will bring the most value to your home in the long run. We’ve listed our top three, catered especially for individuals who live in the South Florida region.

home updates

#1 – Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens represent much more than just cooking and eating. For many, it’s the focal point of the home and where family and friends enjoy quality time. In order to maximize your financial return, focus on timeless elements and stay away from trends. Although your favorite print might be plastered everywhere right now, chances are it won’t stay that way. Place your focus on solid elements like cabinetry, counter-tops and lighting.

#2 – Go From Regular to Impact Windows

Hurricanes and storms are an imminent part of living in South Florida. One of the best ways to protect your property is to install impact resistant windows. They give you the protection you need in case of a storm and will also save money on energy bills. Impact windows are equipped with superior insulation, which will result to your air conditioning unit to not work as hard to keep temperatures cool.

#3 – Re Stucco & Paint Your Exterior

 If you’re like a lot of homeowners in South Florida, your property was probably built in the 1950’s and could use a modern face lift when it comes to the exterior. Stucco has been around for thousands of years and for good reason. It withstands warmer temperatures and has excellent insulation qualities that can help cool your home. Although most jobs will come with a warranty, stucco itself can last up to 50 years or longer- making it a no brainer when it’s time to revamp the exterior of your house.

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