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How to Pick Exterior Paint Colors

Living in South Florida, our attention is regularly turned to the outside of our homes. While most homeowners will think about changing their landscaping to turn up curb appeal, one of the biggest exterior changes you could make is changing the color of your home or building. Figuring out how to pick exterior paint colors for your home may sound daunting, so we’ve listed a few tips to help! Ready to make the change? Contact us today about how we can collaborate on your next project.


Think About Your Permanent Materials

When choosing an exterior paint color, start by using colors that are already there. Is your home made with a brick or stone foundation? We recommend working with their underlying tones when you’re choosing a shade. Other aspects you should consider are your roof, driveway or front door.

Use Lighter Colors to Add Size

Fun fact: light colors will make any building look bigger. White is commonly used for traditional classic architecture that is not commonly seen in South Florida. We recommend going with a light cream or pale color to add size to a smaller house. By choosing a lighter color, you are going with an energy efficient choice that helps fight the hot Florida heat that comes with darker paint. This is something everyone in South Florida must consider on their journey how to pick exterior paint colors for your home.

Emphasize on the Details

Attend to the architectural details that make up your home. Think about using accent colors that pair well with the primary color of your home. It’s important to also consider using accent colors for other characteristics that make up your house. Think shutters, molding or columns. Try to use a contrasting, complementary or hue within the same color family.

Test, Test, Test

Remember, both bright and deep colors will fade with the years and environmental changes. It’s important to test a few swatches before making the final decision. Colors almost always appear lighter on larger surface than they do on the color swatch. Lastly, consider the different sheen that exterior paint comes in. From glossy to flat, there is a noticeable difference in sheen type and it’s something to always consider when choosing the right paint for your home.

Remember that at the end of the day, choosing which paint to go with the exterior of your home should be a fun project. Make sure to take your time when going through the selection process and go with a contractor you trust and are confident in. Be sure to keep up with our latest projects on Instagram and Facebook!

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