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When To Demo During A Home Remodel

Congratulations, you’ve finally decided to remodel your home. One of the biggest decisions you have to make is knowing when you need to demolish and start from scratch. Often times, when people remodel their home they end up preserving things that should have been ripped out and replaced. So when is it necessary to demo and start from the beginning? We’ve broken it down for you below. If you’re currently doing a home remodel and need some guidance, feel free to contact us.

Empty room during home remodel


First things first – it is vital to take notice on the quality. What materials are being used, how does it look, and will it withhold over time? These are things you have to consider. If layers of your cabinets are starting to peel or you are starting to see chips on counter tops and flooring, this is a good indication to take the plunge, demolish and start new.


Make sure all power in the area is turned off prior to touching any electrical wiring. Not doing this can lead to harmful injury or accident. If there are units or outlets that are damaged, skip the step of trying to repair and go straight to replacing it. Remember: not all electrical wiring is created equal.


Before you start to tear down any walls, make sure that a trusted professional has inspected the area and given the green light. It is easy to assume that tearing walls down is as easy as swinging the sledgehammer. However, it is important to rule out any structural, plumbing or wiring functions that are dependent on the existing wall.

We hope we’ve brought some helpful tips for those of you who are in the middle of or considering a home remodel. It is not easy making decisions with the pressures of a remodel, but we are confident that with these tips it can guide you in the right direction. Thinking about a change in your contractor or would like to hire one? Contact us for a consultation and let’s discuss how we can work together. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to follow our projects!

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