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Construction Talk 101: How To Install Drywall


Newman Blog Series: How To Prepare for Drywall Installation 

Sheetrock is a brand name for the common construction term, drywall, which is one of the most commonly known materials used in the construction of a home to produce flat walls and surfaces. Drywall is essentially a board made from layering gypsum (a powdered rock form) between two pieces of thick paper.

As the General Contractor on this home renovation product in the Presidential Estates Community of North Miami, we are currently prepping the job site for drywall installation. Here is a breakdown of the preparation process:


Miami General Contractors_7


Step 1 – Confirm Size

Drywall comes in various thickness – thinner is easier to manage but thicker tends to look flatter once installed.

Miami General Contractors_6


Step 2 – Complete All Wiring 

Always make sure all insulation, ventilation, moisture control and wiring is completed prior to drywall installation. This includes both plumbing and electrical, for example all cable TV lines, phone wires and alarm systems need to be planned out ahead of time.


Step 3 – Plan Seam Placement 

It’s important, like anything in construction, that there are as little visible seams as possible. Plan ahead by using the larger sized boards that reduce on the number of seams and place the seams in corners.


Step 4 – Mark Stud Locations 

Mark the location of all wall studs on the ceiling and the floor to reference your nailing pattern. Remember to check your local coding requirements once this is done. Remember to protect wires or pipes that run within the studs with a nail guard or else the screw won’t penetrate.


Miami General Contractors_4Miami General Contractors_3


Step 5 – Install! 

Check back soon for the “After” progress photos of this North Miami project. We can’t wait to share!


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