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Hallandale Beach Housing Awards to Honor Newman Construction

Hallandale Beach is home to some of South Florida’s most prestigious and beautiful homes. The city is composed of many different neighborhoods, much of which cater to family homes and beach side condominiums that closely line the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. It is an area in which we at Newman Construction have the pleasure of building and constructing in often which is why we could not be more honored to be receiving the 2016 Beautification Incentive Award from the the City of Hallandale Beach!

The award will be handed out next week at the reception and award ceremony where owner of the company, Joey Newman, will receive the honor of behalf of the entire Newman construction team.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our hard workers for the jobs that they do every single day. It is evident by events such as these, that working in Miami construction, especially residential design and renovations as we do at Newman Construction, is truly a rewarding process in more ways than one. When we see a house become a home for a family, it is one of the best feelings in the world. And like now, when we see a space become recognized for beautifying a city and helping to make just a small part of this world appear nicer and rewarding, it is also a huge accomplishment for every single one of us at Newman.

In a world that is unfortunately faced with many local tragedies, such as the recent fatal attack in Orlando, it is important to take pride and smile at the little things in life that as a country, keep us whole and keep us going.

Newman-Construction-Hallandale Beach


Thank you for reading today and please remember to check back later in the week as we will be sharing details and photos from the award ceremony!

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