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Miami General Contractors – Why Choose Newman Construction For Your Home Renovation

Home Design – Why Choosing the Best Miami General Contractors is So Important 

First off, let’s establish something. What is a General Contractor and why do I need one? We’ve noticed that this is actually a very common question in the industry and we are here to help clarify! A “GC” or General Contractor oversees and manages large home remodeling and/or renovation projects. Your “GC” acts as your main point of contact to make sure your home design project is completed to your liking, meaning according to the plan, within budget and on schedule. There is a lot of coordination that happens behind-the-scenes as the “GC” acts as the liaison between all parties involved in your home project, from the individual contractors to the interior designer to the electrician, plumber and carpenter. In South Florida, it is very challenging to secure trusted and experienced Miami General Contractors that are dedicated to seeing your project through from start to completion. Have no fear, Newman Construction is here!

At Newman Construction we are typically juggling eight to ten projects at a time and we love every second of it. To dive a little deeper into the benefits of choosing Newman, we’ve included a handy list of all the services we can provide as your Miami General Contractor:

  • Liaison between all parties including the architect, contractors, carpenters and interior designer
  • Gathers and evaluates bids and quotes
  • Provides skilled labor and coordinates specialty contractors
  • Makes daily site visits to oversee proper and timely completion of work and to ensure the schedule is respected
  • Answer questions and resolve dilemmas
  • Coordinate permits with the city and arrange/host inspections

When your General Contractor is not reliable, your financial investment in your home project is at risk. So when selecting the team with whom you want to work, be sure to study their Portfolio of previous projects, read testimonials and rely on the oldest marketing trick in the book, word of mouth. We are proud to have lasting relationships with both our past and present clients and we encourage you to reach out if you are looking to make the next step towards creating your dream home. Visit us online today!

Miami General Contractors
Seen here on a project site visit with Miami interior design firm, Dkor Interiors


Seen here on a project site visit with Miami interior design firm, Dkor Interiors







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