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An Unforgettable Bathroom Remodel

A Marble Marvel – This Unforgettable Bathroom Remodel is Going To Knock Your Socks Off 

A veiny porcelain tile floor, handmade herringbone wall tiles and a custom designed marble vanity topped with all-marble sink basins decorate this contemporary bathroom. The mirror is painted taupe so it blends into the surrounding materiality and color scheme and the sink faucet is installed directly into the mirror for a sophisticated and sleek look.

In this extremely Opulent Bathroom Remodel, tile and materiality becomes like artwork, where the combination of patterns and colors work off each other to create a warm, inviting and luxurious space.  Installation of the freestanding marble vanity was a challenging one! Like any bathroom remodel project we complete, we were prepared to endure some construction hiccups – plumbing is always a challenge when the design is a unique and challenging concept. In the end, this insanely lavish bathroom is one of our favorite projects to date!


Unforgettable Bathroom Remodel

Unforgettable Bathroom Remodel


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