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Miami Home Renovation Trend: Lantern Shaped Tile


Trending Now: Lantern Shaped Tile

Well, the bathroom renovation at this Miami home project has just started, but we couldn’t wait to share the progress!

As small as the existing space is, it feels twice the size it was before, with the removal of the old and mis-placed bathtub and the installation of these beautiful, Carrara white marble Lantern shaped floor tiles. We’ve noticed a huge trend in the Miami interior design market of home owners choosing unique and special shaped tile selections for their bathrooms, and kitchens. While a straight-lay pattern tile is a great option for a traditional and simple design and also nice to use in a space or room that has complicated shapes, such as angled walls, a fun-shaped tile should be considered for a room that needs the benefits of a floor and wall tile without worry about the distractions of a bold pattern.

We are especially fond of this latest Miami home project in which the flooring was spruced up with these cool, lantern shaped tiles! Different from the Herringbone trend, which seems to be sweeping the design community, lantern shapes are a nice comprise to the average home owner because they are reminiscent of classic, Mediterranean elements while also reflecting new and Modern characteristics.


Miami Home


After the tile install is complete, all that will be left in this Miami home bathroom renovation are included on our “GC Checklist” below – a must have for any contractor when on site to keep track of a job’s progress.


GC Checklist:

  • Meet with plumber to review all plumbing locations and confirm date for installation of shower head, valves, toilet and sink faucet.
  • Meet with painter to review the paint schedule – we’re keeping this room light and bright!
  • Installation of glass shower enclosure.
  • Installation of the typical bathroom accessories, such as toilet paper & towel holders, and wall shelves for storage.

Make sure to check back soon as we walk you through all of the above tasks and reveal the final photos of this amazing bathroom transformation!


Tile Installation 101 – this is how it plays out:

 Miami Home

Step 1: Prep Your Space! Take measurements and cut any tile pieces to ensure that you have enough material ahead of time.


Miami Home


Step 2: Lay out all the tile pieces and make sure it’s a snug fit! Patterned tiles typically come in a sheet that is a foot square. The individual tiles are then joined by a backing on the underside, which not only joins the tiles together but also acts as spacers to create even grout lines. 


Miami Home


Step 3: Apply the appropriate adhesive and then start laying the tile sheets in the from the center and work your way out. Cover the entire center of the room and then fill out the perimeter until the entire room is complete, cutting the sheets as you go, if needed.



Be sure to check soon on the “Construction Talk” Blog for more updates! 


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