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A GC’s Guide to Outdoor Renovations

Things are heating up in Miami and summer is well, basically here already. It’s hot and it’s beautiful out so today, I want to share some pointers from a General Contractor’s perspective on how to spruce up your outdoor balcony/patio so that you are fully prepared to turn your home into a summer oasis.

First up, one of our favorite projects, a penthouse unit at the lavish St. Regis Hotel & Residences in Bal Harbour. When space is limited but you fully plan on taking advantage of that gorgeous ocean water (or city) view, concentrate on a few basic renovating elements.

  1. Flooring

We recommend installing porcelain tiles for any outdoor application. Porcelain tiles are available in a wide variety of patterns, colors and textures (you can fake that marble look easily) and is a better investment for your money as the material is more well-equipped to hold up against mother nature, and in Miami we have a ton of rain, wind and sun exposure which can be very damaging if not cared for properly.



  1. Railings

Always make sure that your balcony railing is stable and secure. If you have a glass balcony, consult your GC and make sure to opt for hurricane proof glass. It’s the law and it’s also going to be a lifesaver during Miami’s hurricane season.



  1. Add a Design Feature

When working on our Miami home renovation projects with interior designers across South Florida, we almost always work together on installing some sort of feature to the balcony that will set it apart as unique and special to the homeowners. This is known as a design feature and can include anything from painting an accent wall bright yellow, installing a live green/plant wall, applying distinct tile to a special area like the ceiling or hanging one of those really cool floating lounge chairs. Whatever it is, let’s do it, as long as it will delineate your space as you, and as special.


Wood Porcelain Tile


  1. Keep it Clean

One of the most common complaints we hear from our clients about renovating their outdoors balcony/patio/porch spaces is keeping it clean once it’s new and pretty. Living in Miami presents a lot of opportunity for wind damage, flying sand and pollen, sun damage and corrosion and molding from the rain and humidity. The most effective cleaning routine we can recommend is pressure cleaning. Scrubbing an outdoor space can be very time consuming (and not fun at all) so for something of this caliber, consult your local contractors and let the professionals handle it. Pressure cleaning your balcony takes Newman Construction, on average, one day in-and-out depending on the size of your space.

newman construction outdoor balcony 


We hope today’s tips for outdoor renovations were helpful. For more information on your next home design project, visit us online today to access our full portfolio or contact Joe Newman directly at: (305) 933-2583.


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