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Asian Decor Inspires a New Miami Home

Asian Decor is not a design style limited to the Eastern Hemisphere, but often a decoration found in homes throughout the United States, including Miami, to help promote an all-encompassing “zen.” The Newman Construction team recently took on a new renovation project in Miami Beach, as General Contractor, where we are building and working around an Asian-inspired style. Requested by the client, this should be a really fun home renovation project!


There are a few main principles of design, interior construction and decorating with asian decor that we took away from this project’s interior design plan and concept.


1. Keep things minimal. Miami homes are often modern or contemporary in nature which similarly calls for minimalistic qualities such as featuring one large accent piece as decoration or focusing on a design feature in the home, such as the stairs, rather than overwhelming a space with furniture, paint and accessories to portray it’s mission.


2. To keep the Zen, everything must be balanced. From the amount of furniture to the lines of it, everything should all speak to each other in a cohesive and simplistic way.


3. Embrace nature – placing organic decorative accents like succulents and plants add a touch of greenery which excretes a nice harmony throughout the space.




For more updates on this construction project and many others across South Florida, be sure to follow Newman Construction on Instagram!


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