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A Contemporary Miami Home Renovation

Miami, circa 2016. Much like all of those beautiful homes you see sprawled across shiny magazine pages (see Miami Home Featured in Luxe Magazine) and plastered on our TV screens in movies (think Scarface) and television series like HBO’s Ballers, real Miami home renovation projects take on the same scopes of work and we are honored to be a preferred Miami General Contractor in the industry!


Miami Design-Construction-5

Today on Construction Talk, we are sharing with you photos from our latest Miami home renovation project for a very special and unique VIP client. Let’s start with the view (see photo above). Soaring above miles and miles of glistening ocean and sandy beaches, the floor to ceiling glass windows spacious balcony make it hard not to think you are living, well, on the show Ballers. Because the windows are so dominating of the bedroom’s, we strategically hung the TV’s from the ceiling and the window treatments are recessed into the ceiling to appear as modern and inconspicuous as possible and to, you know, not block that gorgeous view.


Step inside the gorgeous Miami home and you will see a plethora of carefully planned modern and contemporary interior design elements within the open space floor plan, including one of the finest flooring selections I have seen recently – a gorgeous shade of light brown porcelain wood in the master bedroom and balcony that transitions to a luxurious marble in the common areas, bathrooms, kitchen and guest bedrooms.


One of the most spectacular part of installation at this Miami home was hanging the grand chandelier in the dining room. A large open space often needs a large statent piece to effectively fill the space. A fun piece to hang and a beautiful result.


Miami Design - Newman Construction


Throughout the hallways, we installed LED lights from floor to ceiling to break up the blank walls in between spaces. The home owners of this project are all about taking advantage of usable space and effectively commenting their modern design ambitions.


Miami Design-Construction-4


The master bathroom is also a great example of the home owners modern interior design taste. The shower is enclosed within the bedroom and clear glass from ceiling to floor, making for a truly interesting design! The glass shelves and romantic lighting fixtures that we installed add a touch of hollywood regency to the design.


Miami Design-Construction-2


Overall, another great Miami home renovation project! Be sure to check out Newman Construction’s full portfolio online and we’ll see you for the next BLOG!

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