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Miami Beach Modern Home Renovation

Miami Beach gets another modern home. This time, luxury and lavish living brought to you by the team at Newman Construction.

Miami Beach has a well-established reputation for housing very opulent and lavish homes that are the embodiment of Miami modern living. Take this spectacular sleek Miami Beach project that we are currently working on, for example. This is a beautiful case study in modern Miami style done extremely well, and that captures the four popular design elements we are seeing a lot of right now in Miami homes – across architecture, interiors, furnishing and landscape design. Read on to see how our latest project has helped to accomplish these 4 design goals:

1.Open Space Plan

A luxurious and spacious room is a great way to encourage families and friends to gather in the same room whether that means around a comfortable sectional sofa or around the kitchen island to chat or do homework. Open floor plans are a key design element in any Miami modern home.



2. Marble, Marble, Marble! 
In the world of Miami living, there really isn’t a material that is as coveted as marble. With its endless potential for mix-and-match styling, marble lends itself particularly well to modern interiors. In the kitchen, marble material (whether it’s real or 3-D printed onto porcelain) is always diverse and full of beautiful texture and grains that will surely produce a unique and modern aesthetic that is also timeless.



3. Light & Airy 

Because of the tropical climate here in South Florida, we are finding more ways to maximize light and the flow of natural air. In the Miami Beach Modern project below, you can see clever use of furniture layout and space planning around the floor to ceiling windows to help create a cross-flow of lots of light and sunshine, combined with white painted walls and soft texture finishes on the furniture.



4. Bringing the Outside/In

Many Miami homes revolve around establishing a strong connection between the stunning outdoor and the indoor living spaces when possible. With all of the shining blue water, white sandy beaches and lush and vibrant green palm trees, it’s hard not to embrace the flow of spaces.



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