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Modern Moroccan Bathroom Tile Install

Modern Miami. Imagine a gorgeous, bright and inviting bathroom. Then imagine it with the addition of unique and form-fitting moroccan tiles.

The bathroom remodel trend is still trickling down from first rearing it’s head at last year’s Italian design shows, slowly showing more and more presence in the American interior design and construction market. Newman Construction recently worked on the installation of a bathroom renovation project (see photos below) which incorporate two different yet equally stunning versions of the African-inspired material. Typically made from fireclay, Moroccan tiles are hand painted with lead free glazes and lend themselves to rich colors and intricate patterns that are available in a number of different shapes and contemporary palettes.

Moroccan tiles are often used in bohemian-chic interiors but can also make a great statement in a modern home by adding a splash of color and texture amongst an otherwise white or subtle background, such as an all-marble bathroom. Funny enough, Moroccan-like tiles were not un-popular to find in older, traditional Miami homes however they were often clashing in style and over-used. Replaced in a space that is balanced and properly utilizes the elements of design, Moroccan tiles are a fantastic way to make a statement.

Wall Tile Application

This bathroom makeover is making a bit more of a statement by lining the shower walls and also framing the large window. As you can see from the shapes, the cuts and layout process requires more attention and detail than a typical square tile installation.




Floor Application

Regardless if the shower wall tile is the same, moroccan style tile like this “paseo” shape grey pattern outlined in white makes for a bright, fun and fresh floor. The perfect start to any morning!




Keep up with the progress of this project and check back for updates and “After” shots soon! More inspiration daily on INSTAGRAM

*Cover photo source: Scout & Nimble 

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