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“Happy New Year” – Newman Construction

Happy New Year from Newman Construction 


It’s on New Year’s Day that a lot of us use this opportunity to recap all of the great accomplishments from the last year. At Newman Construction, we especially like to do this to say thank you to all of those who have helped us to become so successful and productive this past year.


The work of a Miami General Contractor is that of a lot of people. It requires constant communication, partnership, respect and coordination with many different parties. Our projects usually include piecing together the brain power of the client, an architect, an engineer, an interior designer or decorator and the many talented contractors who bring it all together from electricians to plumbers to painters to carpenters. As a General Contractor it is my responsibility to make sure the visualizations and goals of all of these teams make sense and speak cohesively to each other. This strategic planning and coordination in turn is what creates all of the dream homes we’ve worked on as a company over the years. All beautiful places to live, grow and invest in and in such a gorgeous city as Miami. For this opportunity, we are very grateful.


2015 was a good year for Miami home design, development and construction. So how did those that stood out really personalize their live-and-work spaces? Our favorite Miami homes from this past year tell a varied story from family friendly Contemporary spaces to sharp, minimalist Modern spaces. See below to see some of the best spaces from our projects this year, and let us know in the comments: Which was your favorite?


See you in 2016 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Our Favorite Newman Construction Project Recap …..




We hope you continue to follow along with us on Construction Talk, our blog, to see and hear about all of the details that go into this work, to peek inside a typical day of a handyman and painter or to see preview photos of a soon to be revealed new home. For trends in the industry, DIY advice and How-To posts. Thanks!


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