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Miami Beach GC Takes on Downtown Miami

Miami Beach GC, Newman Construction, Takes on a Huge Commercial Development Project 

It’s been a great Holiday season but the construction scene in the heart of Miami does not sleep!

This week, my Miami GC crew has been back at it conquering projects left and right. One of our more recent is this massive commercial construction and building project that we are working on in the downtown hustle and bustle of Miami Beach. Those who have been following along on our Blog, Construction Talk, know that the Residential Miami Development and Design industry is starting to boom again. With the help of a lot of Canadian dollars pouring into new residential tower investments and commercial sites, such as the new Faena District opening this year, the Miami skyline is set up for a major transformation. As a top General Contractor in the Miami market, we could not be more thrilled with the progress of the Magic City. As long as we are helping clients, new home buyers, real estate investors, etc. inch one step closer to achieving the home of their dreams and embrace and enjoy everything that the beautiful city of Miami has to offer, then we are a happy team.

Take a look at some teaser photos from our busy construction site in downtown, Miami and be sure to check back soon for more progress updates!






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