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Home Remodeling Contractors: Miami Project

Home Remodeling Contractors Tackle Another Home Renovation Project in Miami Beach 


Happy Tuesday! To start off another great week here in Miami, we would like to share with you progress photos from one of our latest Miami projects where we are working as the home remodeling contractors.Working with the interior designers on this project has been a really fun time! They have gone out of their way to create a truly visually unique Miami home for our client.


Created around the concept of warm luxury, this contemporary home came to us as an empty and void space. As the home remodeling contractors on the job, it is my company’s responsibility to make sure the client’s wishes, the interior designer’s vision and our expert craftsmanship shines through in the final product! Some of the items in the home that we have worked on as the contractors include installation of: beautiful new marble flooring, recessed ceiling lighting and grand chandeliers in additional to custom carpentry pieces such as interior doors, decorative wood panels, storage units and emphasized LED lighting. We also worked on all mirrors, dropped some ceilings to add as a design feature and completed the brand new, state-of-the-art kitchen installation.


Take a look at some of the progress photos below and leave your comments for us as the home remodeling contractors on this project. We would love to hear your opinions – is this Miami home a place where you can see yourself living? And be sure to check back soon as we get closer and closer to the final reveal. Enjoy!


Home Remodeling Contractors-Miami-Home-Design

Home Remodeling Contractors-Miami-Home-Design


Home Remodeling Contractors-Miami-Home-Design

Home Remodeling Contractors-Miami-Home-Design

Home Remodeling Contractors-Miami-Home-Design


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