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Miami Home Tricks To Keeping Safe

Miami Home Project Update – This is what a 900 lb. Safe Looks Like! 


Believe it or not, one of the most common parts to any Miami Home renovation project of ours is the installation of an in-home safe. Miami is full of high rollers and is a place well known for it’s valuable net worth. So naturally, when we are working with our clients and interior designers, we often need to collaborate on effective and secretive plans to secure our Miami Home projects. This particular home opted for a 900 lb. safe – yep, we just said that.


Especially around the Holidays, it’s important to take precautions when working on the design of your home or if you are thinking of adding a secure addition to your existing home. Whether it’s installing a safe or a new security system, it’s a good idea to consult your local Miami Home professionals for advice and guidance on what is most beneficial to help protect your home.


The below project was a job we just completed at the St. Regis Residential tower in Bal Harbour, FL. With this custom closet design came the important task to hide and install the client’s 900 lb. safe. Between the beautiful finish selections (that warm wood balanced by light marble flooring and taupe drawers)  and the creative specifications for the closet layout, we are proud of yet another successful job as a Miami General Contractor.


Newman Construction is always available to chat about your home renovation project! Visit us Online or call: (305) 933-2583.


Miami Home-GC-Contractor-Design-Newman-Construction

Miami Home-GC-Contractor-Design-Newman-Construction


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