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Miami Construction: Benefits of Wood Tile

Miami Construction 101: Building with Wood Tiles Versus Natural Hardwood 

As top builders of Miami homes, we work with a lot of different designers, materials and home concepts. One of the best trends we can stand by is utilizing tile that looks like wood rather than actual hardwood. There are many benefits to “wood tiles” that you may not even think about when looking to update, renovate or build your Miami home. Before diving into your home renovation project, take a few pointers from the team of the Newman Construction pro’s and see why “wood tiles” are the way to go.


Natural wood flooring is infamous for being extremely high maintenance. Easily susceptible to scratching, spills and every day wear and tear, the average life span of natural wood floor is less than your investment. “Wood tiles” are sealed with a special treatment that make the material easy to clean, care for and replace if necessary (tile by tile). Miami homes benefit especially from tile as they avoid the warping of wood that happens often and easily in hot and humid climates.


The actual cost of the material may be in the same price range as hard wood flooring but taking into account easy maintenance and easy installation, “wood tiles” are the better long term investment.


“Wood Tiles” give the same warmth and appeal as real hard wood but cuts down on the number of trees that are destroyed each day.


Wood tiles are almost always a dead ringer for the real stuff. There is even a wide range of tiles to choose from, varying in color, texture, graining, and movement. Take a look at our favorite photos from Interior Designers who have opted for tile in place of wood:

Modern Miami Homes_Wood Tiles versus Hardwood
“Dark Wood” Tile from the House of Jade Interiors
Miami Modern Homes_Wood Tiles versus Hardwood
“Blonde Wood” Tile from
Miami Homes_Modern Wood Tiles versus hardwood
“Brown Wood” from Dkor Interiors
Miami Modern Homes
“White Woods” – image via Pinterest


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